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At this year’s summit, key findings were presented in the field of gut microbiota, many of which are relevant to paediatrics now and in the future. There is currently a great deal of interest in the importance of early life factors shaping the gut microbiota, which may impact upon the development of an infant’s immune system and potentially influence long-term health.
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The potential impact of the gut microbiota within the field of paediatrics is not recognised enough by general paediatricians due to a lack of transfer between the fields.
Prof Massimo Pettoello-Mantovani, Professor in Paediatrics, Italy, Secretary General of the European Paediatric Association (EPA)
This area is of real interest to me as a paediatrician and will shape the treatment of child health in the future.
Gemma Castillejo de Villasante, Paediatric Gastroenterologist, University Hospital Sant Joan de Reus, Spain

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